Considering Content – What’s next for Tame Geek

The more I publish on this site and build the social media following of Tame Geek, the more I’m thinking how best to provide the site’s content. After numerous redesigns, I’m happy to say that the layout of articles on this site is the clearest to read of many I find and visitors seem to

Does your business really need an app?

  That title is a guaranteed way to start an argument in a meeting.  It’s a question I’ve asked of many people in meetings and it’s usually met with the same answer: “because ‘x’ has one!” Let’s add a little context to this situation. In 2008, Apple launched the App Store with iPhone OS 2.

Refresh Teesside, August 2013

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of speaking at the Refresh Teesside event in Middlesbrough. This post is a little breakdown of what I said in my 5 minutes of fame and why I think this is such an important event. This was my third time at Refresh this year. It’s a monthly get together

Become Iron Man – An interactive experience critique

With the cinema release of Iron Man 3 this week (in the UK), I thought I’d take some time to talk about when I became Iron Man (or Iron Mark, if you will). Back in February, a website launched ( ) saying it would soon require testers to sign up. Over a month later,

How can retail remain relevant?

With there barely being a week go by without the collapse of a British retail business, it should be hitting home to the remaining companies that they need to evolve or they will go the same way. The death throes that have been all over the news over the last few months have all had a common