The day after the day the world changed – 10 years on

That title is a fairly profound statement but it is absolutely true. On January 9, 2007 Steve Jobs took to the stage to introduce the world to the iPhone. Jobs said that Apple were releasing three products that day: A phone, a white screen iPod and the revolutionary Internet device. That’s just what they did

2017 – Predictions

As is a well founded tradition on this website, we review the predictions that were and make some new ones for the coming year. As ever, let’s start with the specifics: The iPhone 7s / 8 will be announced on the 6th of September and will be available in stores on the 15th or the

2016 – Year In Review

Before there are predictions, there should always be some reflection. That’s where we review the year that was before the year that is to come. As ever, let’s do the simple act of the marking my score card; the 2016 predictions. The new iPhones will be announced on the 7th of September and should be available

Apple October 2016 Event – Getting in touch with the Mac

A month on from the iPhone 7 launch, Apple invited the press back to see the future of the Mac. Tim Cook started the show with an amazing video showcasing Apple’s product accessibility and how their products are built with accessibility in mind. It’s one of those inspirational videos that our friends at Redmond can’t

iPhone 7 Plus Mega Review

Last year, I said that was no such thing as a perfect device but the iPhone 6s Plus was damn near and would be till the iPhone 7. So here I am today, with an iPhone 7 Plus in my hand and thinking to myself what is the perfect device and more importantly what is the

September 2016 Apple Event Round-up

As predicted by this site in January, Apple had their annual September iPhone event yesterday. It would seem that further ‘doubling down’ on leaks did Apple very little in the way of keeping their new, largest selling device a secret. We saw how this device was going to look relatively early on with leaked shell

Apple WWDC 2016 round up

With the 2016 Apple World Wide Developers Conference keynote finished, we can take a look at what was announced and more importantly, why it means for you. If you want the cheat sheet version here it is: The event was all software There’s now four operating systems and none of them have numbers (the brand

It’s WWDC next week, here’s what to expect

That important yet inevitable staple of the Apple event calendar is almost upon us. The World Wide Developers Conference is Apple’s annual software show off  session and a chance for developers to learn more about Apple’s platforms. The WWDC always has an impact beyond that of the development community, considering it’s the consumers that keep developers

Apple Watch: A year on the wrist

Where better to start with a year long retrospective than reminding ourselves of what was said at the end of the one week review: “Would I give it up? Hell no. It’s mine now and it will be as important to me as my iPhone has become. That is, till the new one comes out.” After

iPhone 7 Leak? This looks real and that’s a problem

The good old ‘pre-apple-event leak’, though this time, it’s not for the device we can expect to see on the 21st. Oddly, the new smaller iPhone SE (or whatever it will be called) is not the device to hit the Internet (yet). What has landed seems to be a legitimate look at the back of

2016 – Predictions

As tradition dictates with the Tame Geek website, as there are reflections, there will be predictions. Let’s answer 2016’s most asked questions then: The new iPhones will be announced on the 7th of September and should be available in stores by the 23rd. This will be the iPhone 7 with a completely new design, two sizes