2015 Year in Review

As is tradition on this site, that at the end of the year we review the predictions that were made and how the year has panned out before predictions for 2016 are made. So, to the specific predictions: Apple: Apple will announce the new iPhones on the 8th of September and they will be in

iPad Pro – The first 24 hours

It’s big. This is going to take some time. The big screen iPad. As much a tech bloggers dream as a small screen iPad. Well, now that we have both its clear that they are very different beasts and only ever held back from the public eye because they weren’t ready for prime time. That time

Garmin NüviCam Review

The Tame Geek’s blogging friends over at Engage Sports Mode got their hands on some tech and they have kindly shared their review with the Tame Geek audience: Here’s the deal. Garmin contacted us and asked if we’d like to test the nüviCam. We said yes because the proposition of a single ‘do everything’ device

iPhone 6S Plus Review

Here we are again! It seems like only yesterday, the first Tame Geek iPhone review went live on this site. With the latest incarnation of the most popular phone in the world, I’m faced with an odd challenge: What can I tell you that I didn’t tell you last year and is there a real

Happy iOS 9 Day – What you need to know

Announced back at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple’s iOS 9 is now ready for consumption. iOS has become an annual update operating system that brings significant improvements to your Apple device. One of the problems that these updates of require a lot of space to install correctly. this is the first train. It

Apple iPhone 6s event roundup

Well, I was off by a day this year (I forgot to account for the Labour Day holiday) but Apple’s September event came along anyway. TL:DR Version: New iPhones – look exactly the same but totally reengineered The iPadPro is a real thing and will be available in November The new Apple TV is bringing

Yes, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are on the way [Updated]

It’s the end of August and this means just two things; kids will be going back to school and Apple will be releasing new iPhones. The annual release cycle of Apple products have become quite easy to read if you know where to look for the patterns. It all happens when blogs start reporting that

Apple Pay – The digital wallet is in your iPhone Today

The digital wallet has been one of the longest standing ideas in the technological world. The complexity of banking and money security means that the feelings of ‘the old ways are the best’ have prevailed.  This is a bit different for those of us in the UK and Europe. For instance, we’ve had widespread use

Apple Music – What is it and what do you need to know?

Music and Apple. There’s a relationship that has been a strong for most of the companies life. Jobs once spoke about how the creativity of musicians and Apple’s are similar and complimentary. In 2001 Apple introduced iTunes and in 2003, brought the iTunes store. That means, in 12 years, Apple have managed to change the

Smartwatches, dumb companies

Want to know if the Apple Watch scares the established brands? Look at what they are doing; Gucci and, Google, Intel and Tag.  With Google and Intel teaming up with luxury brands, it’s clear that they are deeply worried about loosing out again. ‘Loosing out’? Well, between Apple and Google, who makes the most money

Apple’s WWDC 2015 – What you need to know

Another year, another Worldwide Developers Conference. Yeah year, as has become the clear Apple formula, WWDC was all about the software. No bad thing, considering Jobs once said that the iPod and the Mac were just boxes for OS X. OS X is a good place to start. Firstly Verizon 10.11 will be called El