Today’s Technology Landscape

We like it when the Tame Geek is asked questions and a little while ago, he was asked about Windows 10 and why it may be bad news for the PC industry. On the Tame Geek social channels, this article from The Register was posted. The article talks about how Microsoft’s decision to make Windows

Apple Watch Review – A week on the wrist

Reviewing the Apple Watch is something I’ve been looking forward to and dreading in equal measure. A product that has been so heavily previewed since it’s announcement and eagerly awaited that it’s easy to feel that I may not have anything to offer as a review. As I move past that crisis of confidence, it

Hail Hydra! (The app, that is.)

It’s not all that often that I find an app that genuinely merits a full review, but Hydra, recently released on the App Store, deserves one. There are literally thousands of Camera apps in the App Store, so to stand out you really have to be doing something different and do it well. That’s where

Appkettle – Exclusive Hands On Impressions

It’s not everyday you get to have hands on time with a Kickstarter prototype, let alone with one of it’s creators but that’s what I got to do a few weeks ago with the AppKettle. The AppKettle launched on Kickstarter last week and has so far hit over 20% of it’s funding in the first week.

Hands On with the Apple Watch

8.04am. That’s when the confirmation email came in from the Apple Store, regarding my order for an Apple Watch. The product that was announced last September and then the details filled out earlier this year and went on sale on Friday morning.  All of that lead to the point where I’d already decided that I was

Pencil by FiftyThree Review

Pencil and Paper. Possibly the hardest things to replicate digitally, yet FiftyThree, a company born from the ashes of the Microsoft Courier project, have done a damn good job so far. Paper was one those apps, that when it arrived kept to the sure-fire tried and tested app formula – do one thing and do

Quick review: Duracell Powermat

Here’s the scene. I’m walking down Fleet Street in London and feeling thirsty. I pop in to Starbucks and I notice that my iPhone is also a bit thirsty. Luckily, this Starbucks happens to have the new Duracell Powermats installed. I like this wireless charging business. This is a quick review, as there’s not a

Owner of Three is going to buy O2 and change the UK market

It was only a month ago we were looking at one of the UK’s networks being bought, now we have another! The group that owns and operates the mobile company Three (Hutchison Whampoa) has announced their plan to buy Telefónica owned O2 for a reported £10.25 Billion. Given that O2 was one of the other

What if the Apple Watch is upgradable?

Yes, this is a post about an as of yet unreleased product but there’s something that has played on my mind with regards the Apple Watch; Technology moves so quickly that devices become obsolete a lot quicker than jewellery.  All you have to do is look at the marketing effort Apple are putting behind the

Predictions for 2015

As has become a tradition on this website, it’s time for the Tame Geek annual predictions. Last years formula seemed to work (specifics and trends), so we’ll use the same again this time round. Specifics Apple: Apple will announce the new iPhones on the 8th of September and they will be in stores on the

2014 – Year In Review

As the sun is setting on an eventful 2014, let’s review how the predictions made on this site a year ago have panned out. At the beginning of the year, I broke the article in to two sections; Specifics and Trends. Let’s keep to that formula and start marking up the score card: Specifics Apple:

BT are to buy EE – What does it mean for UK telecoms?

Earlier in the month, there were whispers that BT (British Telecom about 90 years ago) were looking to get back in to the mobile market after selling their stake in it over a decade ago. Yes, before O2, there was BT Cellnet. Now with BT in talks to buy EE, their coming back in to