25 Years of the World Wide Web

Today, the 12th of March 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web (W3).  In the space of 25 years, it has grown to the point that two out of every five people on the planet are connected. I think it’s easy to underestimate just how significant an achievement that

The Problem for Path

Path’s having problems. The mobile first social network that launched on the iPhone and later Android, has recently had to layoff 20% of it’s staff as it struggles to find growth. I like Path. I suppose I still do but there’s a sign of how little I use it when the last update I posted

New Linkedin profiles On the way

Well hello there new Linkedin profiles I just had a little surprise when I logged in to Linkedin, a banner asking me if I wanted a sneak peek at the new profiles. How could I refuse?! Well having a look over the new page things are looking up! (Full preview image after the break) The

Together, let’s make the web better

I don’t want to take anything away from Smashing Magazine, so I’m posting this link: Dear Web User, Please upgrade your browser and asking that everyone shares it and hopefully we can spread it around the web enough to get people’s attention.

WebGL is really coming along!

When the power of developing web technologies combines with one of the long standing client side applications, you need to sit up and take a look. So, take a look at that 3D model above, you back? good. That is actually made by the WebGL engine inside modern browsers. The cell based ring can be

Internet Piracy – the people against it, know nothing about it

“You always fear, what you don’t understand” Never before have truer words befit a situation as those, to online piracy. It would seem today, the politicians seem to want to get involved in everything they don’t understand. The Internet and Internet piracy happens to be one of those many, many things. Downloading material from the

Web Security, an explaination

I love xkcd. I really do. This latest piece reminds us that we have become to accustomed to thinking like machines to use them. Adapting the way we think to work better for them. Ask yourself this; If you create something to help you, should you have to change to use it, or should it

Google+ Part 2

Well then! I finally got in to Google+ at the weekend and have been spreading the love with some of my nearest and dearest tech heads and no tech heads to get a bit of a perspective on it. Jump past the break for more…


So there is going to be a lot of Buzz around Google+ over the next week. As soon as I get access, I’ll give my impressions. In the mean time, the cartoon above kind of sums it up.