Tame Geek; in the same way that Top Gear has a ‘Tame Racing Driver’, The Stig.

The term is fitting as it covers perhaps one of the most useful characteristics I have; taking complex information and simplifying it. Whether that be a design concept, marketing idea or the latest shiny gizmo.

This site is a mouthpiece to the world and a test-bed for all the new web technologies I’ll be trying out and making them practical for clients. (Take something complex – Make it simple – Pass it on. Sensing a theme here yet?)

As a person

I’m a digital marketing and technology specialist. I am passionate about my work, constantly developing my own skills out of desire rather than compulsion. Over the space of my career I have adapted to the demands of clients and employers. This has meant that I am able to engage in strategic marketing planning and hands on design and development work.

Outside of my work life I’m a keen martial artist, having a black belt in Ju Jitsu and being an instructor in Western Martial Arts. I teach a class on Wednesday nights in Penshaw with the Durham chapter of the Society for the Study of Swordsmanship. I’ve also arranged a number of demonstrations, taking students to events to demonstrate combat methods from Western history.


Digital Marketing and Design, Strategic thinking, Print Design, Typography, Photo Editing, Document Layout, 3D Design & Rendering, PHP, HTML, CSS, Video Editing, Compositing, Vector illustration, Planning and Team building.

If you’d like to connect with me professionally, my name is Mark Thomson, you can find out more about me here (LinkedIn) or find me on other social networks:

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