Jaguar C-X16
This is a real thing!

Just look at it. The Jaguar C-X16 Is going to be the latest addition to the Jaguar family. It also marks out the future showing what is possible for the brand and what it will become. And thank goodness for that because they been doing so well recently with the new XF and XJ. This just takes them to the next echelon of design, performance and engineering.

I say that because of the cars very interesting drivetrain setup. You see what you’re looking at above is actually yet another hybrid. Using a version of Jaguars supercharged V8 engine, the engineers have removed two of the cylinders, creating a supercharged V6 petrol engine. This is mated to two high-power electric engines with one on each of the two front wheels. This creates the ‘Push-to-Pass’ system:

C-X16 Push to Pass
A big red button on the steering wheel that gives you computer game like gains in performance? Yes Please!

C-X16 features a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) similar to that used in Formula One. This allows the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle to be captured when the car brakes, and then stored for later use during acceleration.

A graphic on the dashboard indicates when the additional boost provided by the electric motor can be deployed, and the driver initiates the instant power surge by pressing the ‘Push to Pass’ button on the steering wheel.

When charged, the system provides an additional 70kW and 235Nm of torque for up to 10 seconds. Power is instantaneously available and the battery is constantly and automatically recharged as the car moves. Both the battery pack and electric motor are liquid cooled to ensure performance is maintained as heat builds up when the car moves.

You can find out more about the C-X16 on it’s website: