The Jaguar F-Type non-review

Jaguar F-Type, 3.0L V6 Supercharged, Black, Front
So, best looking car in the world, or best looking car ever? Driving home yesterday, I was cruising past my local Jaguar garage, when I spied out of the corner of my eye, what looked like the new Jaguar F-Type parked up front. After performing a driving manoeuvre I once saw in a Fas and Furious film, I found myself parked on the garage forecourt and walking towards this beauty.
You may member (if you’ve been reading this blog as long as I’ve been writing it) that the Jaguar F-Type is based on the C-X16 concept car from last year.
Soon after that was announced, Jaguar confirmed they were putting it in to production (sans the electric boost) with a convertible coming first and a coupé to follow.
So, what’s this thing like? Well, in the metal, it’s even more beautiful than pictures can show. The balance of the care looks perfect. The shape, the styling, everything scream perfection. There have been people at Jaguar that have put their heart and soul in to this car.
Inside the cabin, there’s a cocoon of leather, metal and high quality plastics. Only one thing left me a little disappointed was the fact that the paddles were plastic, not metal.

So, as I mention above, this is a ‘non-review’. I went in to the garage where they had another F-Type sat in the corner looking all gorgeous in red. The salesman comes over as I’m walking through and I say to him “Honestly mate, I can not afford one of these, but you’d you do me a favour? Would you fire up the one out front?” His reply, “of course”.

Jaguar F-Type, 3.0L V6 Supercharged, Black, Back
We go back outside and he fires up the engine and gives it some good revs. This was the 3.0L V6 supercharged and my goodness, the beautiful symphony that came out of the twin pipes was intoxicating.
And with that, my time with the F-Type was done. For now. I will get to drive one of these fantastic machines. Perhaps when the hard top comes along next year.

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