Society for the Study of Swordsmanship

The Society for the Study of Swordsmanship is a western martial arts group with chapters across the North of England.

They required a website to unify all of the chapters under one website that also gave them the ability to update the site with news of up-coming events and to be a touch stone for new members.

Project: Society for the Study of Swordsmanship (SSS)

Brief: Design and build a site for all of the chapters of the SSS throughout the North of England.


  • A level platform for all chapters
  • Clear and accessible information

Challenges: Starting with a blank slate is something that is not often available on a project. The SSS had no pre-existing web presence, thus creating something bespoke for the groups was a welcome challenge.

Process: Given the subject matter of the group, the styling of the site benefitted from the early stages in the use of semi-Victorian shapes and patterns. Given that the last great renaissance of western martial arts started in the late 19th century. This also gave indications to a colour pallet of rich burgundy and the beige of older paper.

As development continued, it was clear that stock typefaces would not be able to provide the look necessary for the headings of the site. After investigating different techniques, I opted for Google’s option from their font API.

What If?: If I were starting this project again, I’d rebuild the PHP page structure (which uses WordPress as a CMS) using HTML5 and alter the server side for faster load times. I’d also replace the ornaments with SVGs to allow scalability on high DPI screens.

The site is also linked to a Facebook page and group that receive linked updates.

To visit the site, click here: