Announcing the Heads Up Display Open Design Project!

Valve GlassAnnouncing the Heads Up Display Open Design Project!

Allow me to explain just what’s going on here. This section of the website is going to be dedicated to my open design project (ODP) where I’ll be exploring ideas for wearable heads up displays.


Well, GoogleValve and Oakley have all made waves recently announcing (and in Google’s case, showing) that they are developing technologies to commercialise wearable computers to give us all a real world, usable, heads up display. With these companies entering the fold and rumors of Apple developing a wearable accessory, its not hard to imagine that the next platform war will be very public and holds one of the largest levels of potential than the ones that have come and gone. (Let’s also make note that Microsoft would be daft not to be considering entering this race, so you can bet they are working on this technologies as well – I’d also put money on it that Samsung are looking in to it.)

So what does one geek and his poxy blog have to do with these mega-corps who are envisioning our future? Click here to find out more

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