IE6 is bad for you. It’s bad for everyone. Some times evolution leaves some lagging behind (IE9 for example – come on! No CSS3 Gradients!) and sometimes you have the dead weight that hangs round all involved. In our case, this is IE6.

After Google’s recent announcement to stop supporting IE7, Safari 3 and Firefox 3.5, I was having a browse and came across the screenshot above from this Microsoft site: Internet Explorer 6 Countdown.

Its a good effort from a company trying to move people along from its own product. Problem with a 90% market share some would argue!

But all in all, if you’re reading this site, you’re using a modern browser (Not sure, check here: and I don’t need to stop you in your tracks and get you to upgrade. What i can do is tell you to look at my Windows 8 post and see IE10 in action!