I always said design was a very advanced form of colouring in

Pantone Pens are FriendsLets hit the giant ‘WANT’ button shall we?

For thoughts not in the know, Pantone is the defacto colour reference system for print in the world. its a Universal for consitant (as possible – print is not an exact science people) colour in print works. and now, avlable in PEN FORM! Pens are firends.

These come in a rather large set and it has to be said that every colour from the range is not represented. There’s a good few thousand these days, but for rapid prototyping and design i can see a good use for having a small selection for building tone and experimenting with out the need for a digital excursion.

Hit the break for my true feelings about pens and a link to buy your own!

Source: http://www.dickblick.com/products/pantone-universe-twin-marker-sets/

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