iOS 7 Notification Center Mock Up

Notification Center Headline

With a week before the Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off, I was impressed with my self that I had managed to hold off from putting up an article about the speculation around new features in the forthcoming version of iOS.

I had engaged in some speculation, yes. I pulled a little prank on Twitter a few weeks back, claiming to have a ‘leaked’ image of iOS7’s flat design.

The gag? It was a screen shot of the dialer in the Phone app in iOS6.

So now, I’m going to throw my hat in the ring a little bit with something I’d really like to see in the next version of iOS. I’ve talked about notifications in iOS before (here) and while that would still be a very useful addition, I’d like to see an overhaul of notifications that makes them more than just an addition from the Jailbreak community.

So what we have here is a quick idea based on the following existing Apple trends:

  • Light gradients
  • Good hierarchy of information
  • Colours selected from media (like iTunes does with album artwork to select the background colour of a track listing information)


So, with this little mock-up we have:

  • Weather still at the top and a jump to other weather locations
  • Quick access to hardware features – tap on and off. (more of these could be added in)
  • Expanding notifications – By default, the notifications would be collapsed then tapped to open
  • Big buttons for clearing the notifications, could do with a ‘Clear All’ too

This was just a little idea I wanted out of my head. It’s not based on any information I have received, just a starting point that seems logical.

All will become clear next week!

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