… And What May Be In 2012

Well we are in 2012 now and looking back at 2011 we can note some rather important events in both the world at large and in the tech world. So I’d like to take the time to note a few of these and how they interlink.

Firstly, the Arab Spring. The freedom for the turmoiled regions of the east has been greatly aided by technology. Through the lenses of smartphones across the world, and over the air, the tweets, videos and pictures flew round the world. So we watched, we watched as a section of the world changed. With out the accessibility of modern communications technology the orchestration of the protestes and in some places, the up risings, would have been near impossible to orchestrate.

But the organising powers of digital communication became a huge burden during the summer in London. The use of BBM messaging service helped rioters gather, loot and steel from shops all across London, Manchester, Birmingham. This encrypted chat service, saw the biggest downtime it’s ever experienced later in the summer to huge customer outrage.

It was also tragically this year that we lost Steve Jobs. One of the most difficult, challenging, shifting parts of the tech world stopped. His greatest product was never a product. It was the company, Apple. That is his legacy.

So as it seems as the done thing in any form of tech blogging I shall now make some predictions for the year 2012.

  • The proper iPhone 5 made with aluminium back will be released.
  • Nokia will have a very unsuccessful year that leads into a buyout by Microsoft in an effort to bolster the Windows Phone environment.
  • The war between large camera manufacturers, Nikon and Canon, will get tougher through the year but better for consumers.

We live in the future. It’s all around us. Why, even this article is actually typed via dictation onto my iPhone 4S which is than being wirelessly sent to my laptop into my cloud based backend management system for this website. I love the future and hope you do to. Let’s enjoy it together.