As the sun sets on 2017, it’s time to look back over the predictions made by the Tame Geek, but 12 short months ago.

Each of the predictions articles start in the same way, with the specific, Apple related predictions, so let’s tot up the points on the score card!

The new iPhones. Well We did get the iPhone 8 (which really should have just been the 7s) and we got the iPhone X (review coming soon) and I was a week off. Yep, we said the 6th, but they turned up on the 12th, but the in store date was right! For the 8 at least, the iPhone X however, that was a different story!

Score: 1 Point 

Apple’s annual developer conference, was held on the week of the 5th of June, as predicted and we got all of the operating systems that were mentioned!

Score: 2 Points

iPads. Yep, we got our new size in the form of a new iPad Pro size, the re-naming of the family, to Pro, Pad and Mini. So that gives us some interesting iPad based developments to look forward too in the coming year, as this year was all about iOS 11 and how it shaped what an iPad can do and what, to some extent, a Computer is.

Score: 2 Points

Non-specific predictions?

Well, I said there would be a newly designed Apple Watch (nope) and iPhone (totally)! Also, the Mac Pro is not dead, but the iMac Pro has indeed taken it’s place at the top of the Apple tree before we see a whole new Mac Pro next year.

Score: 2 Points

A solid 7 out of a potential 8 points there this year. Not the best performance but not a bad score at all. We’ll all see how well the 2018 predictions pan out in 12 month’s time.

The Rest?

What about the rest of the predictions then?

Microsoft have made the Hololens a real product for developers but it seems that some of the OEMs have decided to ditch their support for the Microsoft VR attempts. Now that Magic Leap actually have a developer kit on the way in 2018, perhaps it’s time for a new company to take the VR / AR lead?

Samsung got new devices out that didn’t need recalling due to explosions! Good work, keep it up guys!

No Half-Life 3 as predicted but when it comes to gaming, Sony sold over 2 million VR headsets, which is a huge milestone for the technology and it’s adoption. It would appear though that the manufactures are still caring more about 4K HDR gaming at this point.

Well, in the car world, Tesla announced a new Roadster with a predicted 620 Mile range, braking the 500 mile estimate. Audi and Volvo have made massive pushes in autonomous driving with Audi bringing the new A8 to market and it’s connected drive system. The march against diesel continued and will continue till everything with wheels is pushed by electrons.

2017 was our year of consequence, well at least, the first one of that description. After the inauguration of Trump we’ve seen the US in a news cycle from hell that goes at the speed of a tweet. The UK has been stumbling through the Brexit negotiations which has impacted on consumer behaviour and there’s only going to be more. Let’s just say that 2017 was only the first year of consequence.