Welcome to the review of the year from the Tame Geek. 

I’ve been a bit quieter this year when it comes to the fully written blogs, but that’s what this site was designed to accommodate. That said, coming in 2020, maybe the Geek’s first move into podcasting and some more regular video content. The purpose of that will be to see if the process can become as streamlined as possible.

When it comes to the review of the year, we always have to mark up the scorecard from the year before, so let’s get through it.


  • The new iPhones will be announced on the week commencing the 9th of September. We may get some new camera tech that brings 3D depth sensing to the rear cameras. Expect minor physical changes.
    • Date, spot on! New camera tech (well an additional lens and new software processing counts). Physical change in the minor sense, pretty much. Let’s call that 2 out of 3.
  • The same event will give us a hardware bump for the Apple Watch. Nothing major, just faster and ‘more better’.
    • Spot on! Always on screen is ‘more better’ rather than revolutionary. 
  • The new Apple operating systems will be announced at the WWDC happening sometime near the week commencing the 3rd of June. We also may see the newly designed Mac Pro at this event.
    • Double points here!
  • Expect a Pixel 4 from Google with a smaller notch towards the end of the year.
    • Soo, this is a point, but, the notch, well Google just got rid of it by moving the screen down.

Score: 7 out of 8

That’s not too bad at all really!

The rest of the year

Well, I did suggest that 2019 would be a strong year for things such as Augmented reality. Google brought AR to its maps app and Apple releasing APIs that allow for the detection of people and allow them to interact with the digital objects. Also, one of the projects that I worked on with the team, was nominated for a Building Innovation Award.

We saw new records in the blockbuster movie world, with Avengers: Endgame making over $2.7 Billion dollars at the global box office which I did contribute to quite heavily!

From a car perspective, we saw Audi bring their first EV to market, which I have driven but had somewhat forgotten to review. Sorry about that, 2020 will be better for that kind of thing, promise! I have also made the move to a plug-in hybrid, meaning that the ques at the charging points I thought would become a thing way sooner than expected, with there being at least two occasions so far where there have been no spaces for me to charge up on smug. We’re going to need some big changes in infrastructure in the UK for EVs to really get adopted.

Round up

I had hoped that we were going to get a full ‘tic’ year in 2019 and to some extent, with technologies such as Stada and Arcade from Google and Apple respectively have managed to make technologies in gaming that seemed like pipe dreams completely plausible and consumer-friendly. We saw more in the way of foldable screens in smart devices coming through and those are on the way to make a really interesting market shift.