Storage Shortage

Some interesting little features I’ve spotted in iOS 5.

These we’re found before Beta 2 landed so not sure if they are still in there but probably will be.

The first little one was when a device is running low on free space (Easy to do on a 32GB iphone these days). I like the way it comes up as a notification. This is another nice little sign of the Post-PC world we’ve been hearing of from the mothership.

The second image (right) made me feel like i was in a spy film when it came up on the phone! But then it occurred to me, if some one listened carefully, they could hear my call any way. But nice to know that the option for encrypted calls is on by default!

The third isn’t an iOS 5 find, more an AppStore fail. Click pas the break to see which icon seems a little out of place.

Sexertainment for ya people in the AppStore!