BT are to buy EE – What does it mean for UK telecoms?


Earlier in the month, there were whispers that BT (British Telecom about 90 years ago) were looking to get back in to the mobile market after selling their stake in it over a decade ago.

Yes, before O2, there was BT Cellnet. Now with BT in talks to buy EE, their coming back in to a growth market where the currently have only a backbone support role.

During the 4G spectrum auctions, BT bought some space that was up for sale and added it to it’s existing 700 MHz developments.

With Virgin Media offering TV, Broadband and Mobile, the move from BT makes a lot of sense, as completely connected customers are becoming the norm and the ecosystem war extends beyond your platform choice.

All we can hope is that we don’t end up in a situation similar to the Americans, where there are two major players for internet connectivity dominance and the only extra choice you have is for the plucky up starts.

With BT looking to buy EE, this would give them the largest network of both hard-wired and wireless communications in the UK. Something the monopolies commission may have something to comment on. Not to mention Virgin Media, who use EE’s network for their own Virgin Mobile.

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