It’s a little self explanatory that I tend to be a ‘Mac Fanboy’ but has time has moved on I’ve come to think this term no longer rings wholly true. I think I may be a ‘Good Tech Fanboy’. That’s why iOS is such a nice thing to use, because it works and well.

Then we get a video like the one above. The new direction for Microsoft with the Windows 8 platform for next year. Microsoft are shying away from calling it Windows 8 as a product and i can see why. The influences here from Metro and WP7 are evident in the touch orientated future. Add in that this will be the first Windows to work on ARM architecture and you know why this will be landing on tablets.

I’m impressed. Seriously. Because it looks like Microsoft are progressing the same plan with Windows as Apple are with OS X – The amalgamation of their core OS, across multiple devices, sharing software interoperability and media. This is the future for mass market computing guys. Get comfy its looking good.

(And now we wait with baited breath till the 6th of June for Apple’s WWDC for iOS 5, OS X 10.7 Lion and iCloud)