happy iOS 7 day

Today Apple’s most important software update ever arrives. 

iOS 7 is more important than the original OS X. A bold statement for sure, but when you consider that in the next 3/4 weeks there will be hundreds of millions of devices updated to this latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

For the last six years, Apple has led the way in teaching the world how touchscreens should interact with software and users. Things were made easy for us; Buttons, metal and leather effects in abundance have helped us get used to gestures. Remember how amazing pinch-to-zoom was the first time you used it? Now it seems odd if a laptop can’t do it. Gestures are the immediate / mid-term future for touch based input. With this in mind, Apple’s design team, led by Sir Ive have taken all that has been learned and refined it.

iOS 7 is completely new software that you already know how to use. It looks different, it has great new features but nothing is a scary or damaging change. Congratulations if you have an iPhone 4 and above or an iPad 2 and Mini or above, as today, you get a brand new device.

So! Before you upgrade, make sure you have backed up your device (Some good advice here), make sure you’ve got a good Wi-Fi signal and you’ve plugged in to a charger and off you go!

When you’ve installed, there will be some app updates you’ll need to do (the app store does this for you automatically now) that will bring their look and feel up to date with the new iOS. Some things have moved and some are new, so here’s how to find things that have moved and here’s a breakdown of what’s new.

If you’ve got some questions about iOS 7, please leave them in the comments or get some Geek on Twitter, Facebook or App.net.