Announced back at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple’s iOS 9 is now ready for consumption.
iOS has become an annual update operating system that brings significant improvements to your Apple device. One of the problems that these updates of require a lot of space to install correctly.
this is the first train.

It actually uses significantly less Vegas to install some updates, so if you have a 16 GB device you’re not going to be getting very angry at having to delete many apps and photos just to install an update. always remember that you don’t have to use over the air updates for your iPhone. If you have a computer that with the latest version of iTunes installed you can connect your device to the computer and upgrade the software. This gives you the opportunity to back up your device and install the updates without having to remove anything at all. It’s also significantly quicker.

but if you are one of the kind of people today on the house mobile devices, you’ll need to update over Wi-Fi. Remember before you do so back up your device to iCloud and then download your update. I think, I’ll be here when you get back and tell you all the things that you’re going to enjoy.

back? Good, we’ll begin. The first thing you’re going to notice is that iOS 9 looks an awful lot like iOS 8. The visual style has been updated in an evolutionary way rather than a revolutionary way.
this is good news because things that were quite cluttered on our banished. For instance in the multitasking menu you now got full cards of the apps you can swipe between. There is no contact cards of the top any more because got to be used. What you may see the bottom is reactive information so if you’ve got music playing shorts at the bottom of the multitasking.

back from earlier versions of iOS up is Spotlight searches separate area. Now when you swipe right on your main home screen your presentable the search box at the top, you’re most frequently contacted contacts at the time (this is start of the new smart Siri) underneath them all the apps that you could be using this kind of time that you may find useful and underneath that your find new stories to relate back to information that you have shown an interest in the past. As soon as you start to search all of this means away and then you Siri/Spotlight search personalised result from a great number of sources. This includes apps web story is messages emails anything that can be indexed on your device. Before you ask all of this information is private and kept on your device and is not shared with anybody.

The other big ritual think your notice in iOS 9 is that you take for it. Yes there is a new font that goes all the way through the operating system that matches the one that’s on the Apple Watch. It’s called San Francisco and it makes the visuals throughout the present system and helps with differentiation between capital letters on the keyboard.

there are a number of small yet very useful little additions to iOS 9 so the best way to inform you of those is in bullet point list form:

  • You can add location information to calendar events.
    In fact the new proactive Siri will look for those for you in your email.
  • Battery saver. Reach 20% and the device will offer to go in to low power mode and will get another hours worth of use out of the device
  • On batteries, the apps that use the most are now noted and you can see which are draining the life from your device. (Keep and eye on Facebook and it’s background activity for a good example of this)
  • If the free wifi or wifi network has no internet connection, your device will default back to cellular data
  • Search in settings

These are just some of the small and welcome changes in iOS 9. These are in addition to the OS taking up less space and using less power and resources (makes it faster and eats less battery and memory).

There are four bigger changes in iOS 9. They are Maps, Notes, Proactive Siri and Spotlight.

Maps now has public transport information, that at the moment only really works in select cities. What does work is the traffic re-routing and roadworks warning whilst using directions.

The Notes app has been completely rebuilt. It now has the ability to include sketches, it has embed able images and links and text formatting all synced to iCloud. Consider Evernote uninstalled then!

Proactive Siri was something that only worked for me a couple of times during the public beta, but when it did, it kept me up to date on traffic to work. Given time, the more your device learns about you, the better it will get.

Lastly, Spotlight’s changes, as mentioned above.

All in all, the iOS 9 update is a valuable one fo all users. Sure they won’t get all the little features and benefits, but that’s the nice thing about being the kind of person who reads a blog like this. You find this stuff out and can tell everyone else. Remember, there’s still people that don’t have a clue about Airdrop.