Hopefully the iPhone’s screen will be better installed than this!

Another hour, another iPhone ‘leak’.

There’s more images coming out of this device than another in Apple’s history. Worrying from a security perspective, but that’s a different post. For now, we need to have a look at this first image in more detail, as I do hope this screen is just loose and not indicative of the final device.

So looking at that image it comes to mind that the screen assembly should sit flush with the top of the device.

There are no screws in the bottom which indicate that the new dock connector isn’t tight in place, which would then make sense that the screen isn’t.

The tapered edge on the top of the device leads beautifully to the screen area, so having the screen on a extruded level like this wouldn’t really aid in the simple look of the device.

I’m really hoping that finished devices come with a flush screen, as when looking at a side by side image, the new device could be just over 7mm thick.

I don’t like wishing away a weekend, but next Wednesday needs to get here and answer for it’s self!


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