iOS7 Beta 3 Note CentreI am currently testing iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 (my ‘Daily Driver’ so to speak) and you will have noticed that I’ve refrained from adding a review of it to this site. Well, to be frank, I’m not going to. It’s still a beta and it’s full of bugs. Things are changing with every update and to review it note would be like reviewing the draft of a script, rather than the film.

With that said, my initial impressions are that iOS 7 will breath a level of new life in to iOS devices like Mac OS X did for the desktop. The visual changes are massive, but everything remains familiar but with added usability.

Well, included in some of the things that have crept up in the betas this one took me by a pleasant surprise.

Google Now on iOS was very good at telling me how far away I was from home and not much else. With the introduction of Travel Time being added to events in OS X Mavericks calendar, that little box of GPS and Internet in your pocket will soon be able to tell you when you need to make a move for your next appointment.

iOS 7 is developing faster and stronger than any other iOS beta I have used in the past and it’s clear, Apple are nowhere near done!