iPad Pro

It’s big. This is going to take some time.

The big screen iPad. As much a tech bloggers dream as a small screen iPad. Well, now that we have both its clear that they are very different beasts and only ever held back from the public eye because they weren’t ready for prime time. That time has now come for this monolith.

Im going to spend more than a month getting used to this being my mobile computer (this, as I am writing this article on it) and seeing if, for me, this can replace a laptop. The ‘for me’ part of that statement is important. A lot of reviews and view points have already come out saying that the iPad Pro is not a capable replacement for your laptop. Sure it can do a lot of things well, but it can’t replace a traditional computer (yes, I just called the 1 port, Retina display carrying MacBook, traditional.) yet.

Having both an iMac in the office and an older Mac Pro at home, having a laptop could possible have been deemed as  excessive, but a mix of web development, image / video editing and 3D work on the go is a tempting prospect. The problem is, a machine to do all of those whilst remaining light and efficient would be a £2000 MacBook Pro and that’s a bit beyond my budget at the moment.

So, this is where the iPad Pro comes in. With apps like iMovie, Pixelmator and Coda, can this tablet work as a laptop replacement for someone who needs mobile computing, but not  necessarily a mobile computer? Well, over the next few months I’ll find out and share the experience. As a starter, this article and it’s header image have all been made on the iPad Pro.