The good old ‘pre-apple-event leak’, though this time, it’s not for the device we can expect to see on the 21st. Oddly, the new smaller iPhone SE (or whatever it will be called) is not the device to hit the Internet (yet).

What has landed seems to be a legitimate look at the back of the new iPhone 7. More appropriately, what seems to be an iPhone 7 Plus in space grey. This supposed device in the image matches to a lot of the discussed features. Including the dual lens camera and what seems to be the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack.

what sets this device apart is the inclusion of something that seems to be the same ‘Smart Connector’ from the iPad Pro. To be sure, the inclusion of something like this initially seems odd. But when you consider that the connector can transfer both data and power, it makes perfect sense, that so,etching like this could be used for audio connections or a smart case like the iPhone 6’s battery pack. A battery case that doesn’t need to give a device and extra ‘chin’ would certainly go some way in to improving the appeal of having such a case.

This however brings me on to why I think that this leaked image may be the beginning of a problem. Since the launch of the iPhone some 9 years ago, each numbered iteration has brought with it a fundamental change in design. The original went from aluminium to plastic. Then from plastic to steel and glass, then to aluminium and glass then to just aluminium (for the body). As we stand on the eve of a new device and with the new numbered version some half a year away, I’m getting a bit worried.

The leaked device has a design that is, to the lay-person, exactly the same as the last two iPhones. There’s not innovation here. No majesty in design, simply the further evolutionary step towards the device being one seamless price of metal with a glass face.

Apple could win this back, by having the devices not to be made of metal. If this was some sort of alloy or perhaps a ceramic, then there would be a legitimate reason for excitement, which, at the moment, there is not. Let’s bear in mind, that at this point in the year, the ‘next’ iPhone is almost always in late development phase, with designs finalised and final changes being mostly internal.

secondly, the device getting thinner means one thing; less space for battery. It’s the biggest problem of all iPhone users, battery life. Taking the better part of a millimetre out of the depth of the iPhone leaves less room for battery. As there been no publicly impressive and commercially viable battery technology break thoughts, it’s safe to assume, that even given the supposed A10, processors, the iPhone will come with less battery than the last two versions, all be it, that the device will run for about the same amount of time. I’m sure that most users would give back that millimetre saved to gain an extra 6-12 hours battery life.

Lastly, if this leak is to be believed, the ‘hump’ is still going to be bothering us for another year. The relentless pursuit of ever thinner devices means that Apple are having to make design sacrifices for the third year in a row. A company with the best industrial design time in the world, some of the best engineers and more money in the bank than there is money in some countries, still, thinks that the camera hump is acceptable. I’m finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that Jonny Ive can deem this acceptable again, given how he’s said he’s not happy with the lens round the camera on the 6 and 6S.

It says in the headline that this could be an issue for Apple. Yes, the design problems from the supposed device point to this being a lacklustre effort from the great fruit and that is a problem.

The biggest problem however, is that we are 6 months out from launch and we’ve got what seems to be a fairly solid leak. Doubling down on security has been a concern for Apple and up until this point, things had been getting better, but with this image, it’s very reminiscent of when the iPhone 4 prototype found it’s way to Gizmodo at a similar time of the year back in 2010.

We always want apple to surprise and delight when it comes to products but when it comes to the iPhone, I’m beginning to wonder if they can anymore. I hope they prove me wrong and come September, my socks are roundly blown off.

source: Mac rumours.