Duracell Powermat

Here’s the scene. I’m walking down Fleet Street in London and feeling thirsty. I pop in to Starbucks and I notice that my iPhone is also a bit thirsty. Luckily, this Starbucks happens to have the new Duracell Powermats installed. I like this wireless charging business.

This is a quick review, as there’s not a huge amount to say really. The Powermat is embedded in to some of the tables and is a small glass panel with some graphics that inform you that this is no special coaster.

There aren’t that many phones around that actually have usable wireless charging in them. There’s a number of competing standards and at this point, no clear winner. The iPhone for instance, isn’t build for wireless charging. That’s why it’s a smart move from Duracell that there are adapters on the tables for you to borrow. There’s three flavours, 30-pin dock connector, Lightening connector and micro-usb. It is simple to use, just like any charger should be. Plug and play.

The small charger connected to my phone gave me about 10% charge in about 10 minutes, so it’s not as fast as using a dedicated charger, but as something that stops you from needing to fiddle under the table to find a plug socket, it’s a more than viable option.

I also tried the connector with my iPad Air 2, which also began to charge. That’s a good sign, as the Air 2 doesn’t sip power, it downs pints of it.

There’s only one potential issue in usage and that’s after about 15 mins of use, I did note that the adapter had gotten quite warm and as such had warmed the bottom of the vast 6 Plus.

The Powermat adapters are available from Starbucks for about £10, so you can always have your own to hand, should you go to Starbucks enough to justify have one.

(See, told you that was a short review!)