Steve Jobs – One year on

Keep Calm and Think Diffrent

Wow. A year. Quite a bit has changed in that time yet it feels like no time at all since the devastating news went out that we had lost a visionary of our age.

One year on from Steve’s passing, many sites have published stories and anecdotes from friends, foes and colleagues. Things that I would never get to be. I did morn when Steve died, as many I took it very hard. When explaining this to people who were somewhat unaffected by it, I simply said “Today, my Elvis died”.

That seemed to resonate with people as a sociocultural touch stone.  I was at home when I heard the news break and as each news site and social network filled with grief, there was a shift in tone. A respect seemingly from all corners. Odd considering how divisive the man and his creations had been.

His greatest creation was Apple Inc. This is how Apple feels too. More than one product, more than the sum of its parts.

So much can be said at this time, but instead, I’d just like to direct you to the Apple website today. It opens with a short video and then a message from Tim Cook. I’m not going to repost them here, I simply implore you to visit and if you are so inclined, to remember Steve Jobs.

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