New iPhone, New iPad, Google Nexus 7, RIMIn the frist of these general updates, I’ll be addressing a lot of the questions I get asked all to frequently.

Let’s begin with this one “When’s the next iPhone coming out? What’s it going to be like?”

Well, if the “leaks” like this, this, this and this are to be taken as gospel, the following is evident:

  • This will be a new iPhone design, that won’t be radically different to the current style
  • The screen is going to grow to some where in the region of 4 inches
  • The old 30 Dock Connector is dead, it’s being replaced with a new, smaller connector
  • The body of the phone seems to be mostly made of metal
  • Some say that the manufacturing has already commenced, but regardless of this, expect to see the new iPhone launched in the same window as last years – end of September / beginning of October

If you are savvy you will notice the word leaks is quotes at the top of this list. That’s because I find it increasingly harder to believe that the device we have seen over the last few weeks is the next iPhone.My reasons for thinking this are that there wouldn’t be quite so much information going around regarding it if that were the final device. Apple rarely let this level of leakage happen. That said, things may be getting a lot laxer since the passing of Steve. If this is the case it will be a sorry day for the tech world, the joy of not knowing what Apple was doing next was very much part of the company’s charm. Much like a magician.

Should this device be the next iPhone I would venture a bet that the metal case is either made from an aluminium compound or, perhaps this could actually be the first liquid metal Apple device. A significant redesign to the physical form of the iPhone personally would be required for me to upgrade from the already exemplary iPhone 4s. That said I’m a sucker for new tech and I will most likely be queueing up on the morning of launch.

All of this leaves one point regarding the next iPhone that I’ve not discussed, that would be iOS 6. We already know the features that are coming to the third-generation iPad and the iPhone 4S but, I would suggest that there is at least three features of iOS 6 that we’ve yet to see. These will be dependent on the new hardware available only with the next-generation of iPhone.

Next for the update, the next iPad and while I’m at it the Google nexus 7

Like a bolt of inevitability, Google have thrown their hat into the tablet arena. But instead of going after the fondleslab of choice they’ve decided to target the lower end of the market straight between the eyes of an Amazonian product. The kindle fire. I talked about this device before, but it’s never made its way to the UK or anywhere in Europe meaning it’s not vitally important for people in the UK. The Google Nexus 7 however is a very important piece of kit.

Arriving at the end of this month in its 8 GB form for £160 plus money off in Google’s Play store, you can be forgiven for thinking that this is the bargain of the year. You’d be right! All of the reviews coming back regarding this device have been resoundingly positive. Azus have done a fabulous job with the hardware and Google’s Jellybean their android 4.1 operating system has been heralded as their fastest and best put together to date. I have to say I’m thoroughly looking forward to getting my hands on one. I know a few people that have ordered them so this shouldn’t take too long.

Very tactically the big US newspapers/news sources who receive controlled information from Apple (not like the iPhone leaks from above, which are of a dubious source) these come from Apple’s very well controlled PR department. The words that they have let slip out are that the “iPad mini” or whatever will be called, is reaching its production and that Apple will be releasing a tablet between 7 and 8 inches in diagonal screen size. For the longest time since this rumours have been floating around and I’ve discussed it with many people, I’ve never once felt comfortable referring to this mythical tablet as an iPad. Given the size of its form factor and apples engineering apabilities I fully expect this device to be released as a very large iPod touch. Given that it can be significantly thinner than the iPad because it will have a less power intensive screen to run and most likely optimised hardware, it can be sold with a premium pricing in comparison to the Nexus and  will be exceedingly tempting given the vast ecosystem that Apple have created with iOS. If I was going to recommend a tablet to somebody looking to purchase one at the moment, I would recommend that they go for a third generation iPad. But should that be too expensive, I would recommend holding off right now if you could. September isn’t far away and that’s when it’s most likely that this new iDevice will break cover. It may even have a new iPhone as a chaperone.

The final part of this update is dedicated to Research In Motion RIM

Saying RIP to RIM at the moment is the tone that a lot of the tech industry, the blogs, are taking at the moment and I am inclined to agree with them. All of the information coming out regarding this Canadian company, this former powerhouse, is becoming more and more depressing each day.

Like a rockstar who’s best days and best remembered hits are far behind them they keep promising new and better and failing to deliver. They’re back catalogue, their server and enterprise solutions ‘albums’ are what are keeping them going these days. Losing the two founding band members and then having a new front man coming in and attempt to get the band back on track have so far failed to convince anybody.

The blackberry 10 OS might be the saviour of RIM. But given how things have gone the past in the tech industry I would fully expect that upon the launch of blackberry 10 OS it will be met with some criticism and an equal amount of praise. This will be exceedingly similar to what happened to Palm only two short years ago. Just look what happened to WebOS. Side note; I quite like the Palm Pre and the Palm Pre 2. It’s getting to the point where it’s not even funny making jokes about the death of RIM any more, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop, it just means they get less and less cutting as they become more and more true.


Well this is the wrap-up, the end of the first global tech update and combined FAQ for the Tame Geek blog. If you’ve got any questions you’d like to ask and thank that I can answer, there’s a darn good chance I can, feel free to ask me on twitter (@tame_geek) or leave a comment on the box below.