Canon Calcumouse - WHY?Ok. Let me just try and get this straight for a second. Canon, one of the two best known camera manufacturers in the world have decided to release a Bluetooth, laser mouse, with, a bloody calculator in it.

When i first saw this story creep up on Engadget I thought i had time shifted to April 1st. I check and my Flux Capassitor is still broken, so I haven’t and oddly, this, is, a real product. I struggle to remember the last time I used a dedicated calculator. It’s either CalcBot (which is wicked!) these days, or what ever ever version is on the OS i’m using at that time.

I just struggle to believe that not only does this product exist, but it comes from a company such as Canon. What, have they been reading the ‘How To Make Irrelevant Products No One Wants’ book published by RIM?

[Image source Engadget ]