Close Up Image

This is a single frame still from the Red Epic. (Click it, then click to zoom in to see the detail!) This is from the rather impressive fella Vincent Laforet and he is one hell of a photographer / videographer.

I first came across his work 3 years ago with the video Reverie which was shot on the Canon 5D MKII and showed just what was possible with a the new generation of HD video shooting DSLR cameras. Jaws dropped. Rightly so. The eye of a fantastic photographer handed the reigns of a new camera technology produced stunning results and now there are full feature films being shot on DSLRs in the ilk of the Canon 5d MKII.

So, now we come the the image above and now the Red Epic. A few years ago (2005 ish) when the founder of Oakley announced they would be a making camera, there was some scoffing. And when the resolution was mentioned, people were polarised. 4k at 30fps, digitally. Thats double HD. Then they made a couple and gave one to Peter Jackson. He’s now suing the newer, Higher resolution ones in shooting The Hobbit.
But back to Mr Laforet!

He’s on producing some videos with his new Epic and the firs fruits of that work can be viewed below:

EPIC #308 from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Now I throughly recommend you take a gander at his blog, as it give an interesting insight in to the way a world class professional works with the newest technology.

Images and video from the Vincent Laforet Blog