New Linkedin profiles On the way

Meet the New LinkedIn Profile header

Well hello there new Linkedin profiles

I just had a little surprise when I logged in to Linkedin, a banner asking me if I wanted a sneak peek at the new profiles. How could I refuse?! Well having a look over the new page things are looking up! (Full preview image after the break)

The profiles have a more modern look and do this with info-graphics on the right hand side. This seems to be for personal data. Not sure on what this will look like on a public profile. The new layout promotes your activity before your employment, then on to your education and skills.

It’s a nice update, but it hasn’t got the interactivity of things like Vizify, which brings in a lot data sources to create a personal info graphic. But this is a very welcome update from the rather dated profiles of old.

Meet the New LinkedIn Profile

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