Will this be the next iPhone? I’m about 80% sure

Will this be the 6th Generation iPhone

I’m not willing to commit fully, but if it is, I’m in. On one condition.

I’ll be ecstatic if one thing comes to pass though. If this metal body is a Liquid Metal or has been coated with that wonder material. Liquid Metal and Apple extended their agreement to 2014 earlier this year, indicating that the fruit machine must be thinking of using their magic material for something more than sim tray ejectors.

At least, that’s what blind optimism would drive me to think. Should it be regular old aluminum, I’m unsure if this device will last 12 months, let alone 24 of most modern mobile contracts with out getting scratched more than Jazzy Jeff’s record collection.

The rest of what we all ready know about the next iDevice are floating around the web, not to mention here. Should you not know, allow me to break it down:

  • 4 inch screen. Check
  • New dock connector. Check
  • New body. Check
  • Updated internal hardware (processor, RAM, NFC & LTE). Check
  • iOS 6. Check
  • It will just be called ‘The New iPhone’ as numbers anger Apple. Check
  • Extra magic. Check

As for the rest of the features that will make this phone the next must have, we can but speculate. Rest assured though that whatever Apple have done, it will be just enough to make the rest of the market seem behind the curve.

A date has been pushed for an Apple event on the 12th of September for the announcement and the handset with them launching on the 21st. Does this hold water? I don’t know. The 12th is a Wednesday and not the typical Apple launch announcement day (usually Tuesdays) and having them in the shops so quickly would seem ambitious. Also given the fact most people in the launch markets would be getting paid the week after, I’d say the 28th would make for a better launch date.

Finally, my doubts. The fact that so much has come out about this device in the last few weeks and not one piece of it has been taken down by Apple’s request makes me wonder if this is the real device (it looks a lot like some of the sketches coming out of the Samsung case) or if it is an engineering prototype of a design possibility. That doubt resonates with each additional ‘leak’.

We will, as ever, just have to wait and see what September brings!

Bonus image break down and a video of the leaked parts showing the screen flush with the body unlike the image above.

no-welds on the casing
tapered edges with no seems, just like the MacBook

[Source – one of many!]

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