Windows 8: Why you’re going to love it, why you’re going to hate it [FAQ]

Windows 8 Home Screen

In a two part review, I’ve decided to expand upon a question I was asked as when looking for the subject of my next FAQ. The question was, “Why is Windows so shit?”

The question came from a Mac convert. Someone I’ve known to use PCs very long time (like since they came out, long time), but has now moved to the Mac side of life. I did feel however, that with Windows 8 on the way that perhaps a chance should be given.

One of the first post on this website will was about how impressed I was with early versions of Windows 8. After using it through the release candidate versions I’ve come to a somewhat polarised view on Microsoft’s most important move ever.

You’re going to like Windows 8

You’re going to hate Windows 8

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