Fiat 500L Video Review

Well, this is the first, but by no means last video review to appear on Tame Geek. It just so happens that this first review is of a car (and the next few will be too)  that was, well, not the best thing I’ve driven.

The Fiat 500L is a people carrier born out of the relaunched 500 from a few years ago. The smaller ‘proper’ 500 is actually a favourite little car  of mine. I like the styling and it handles really well for a little city car and after discussing it with an owner, the Abarth version is really quite bundle of fun.

So when I saw the 500L, my heart sank. The styling had been ruined, perhaps it drove really well? Perhaps it was going to be really practical and efficient.

It doesn’t, it isn’t and it really isn’t.

The driving experience is dreadful, the boot is woeful and the drivetrain is so bad that efficiency is hugely down on the posted figures. Combined MPG of 62.8 – Not a chance! The video goes in to these points with quite some detail, so please, enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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