Tame Geek is changing again but this time, you’re coming with me


Yes, It’s only been 10 months since the Tame Geek site launched on a new theme, but it’s come to my attention that it needs to change again.

This time though, I plan to make the process public. That means the sketches, prototyped layouts and HTML/CSS elements will be posted to document the process.

Why do it this way? Well, as I have thought on it, there’s a value to the design process that’s rarely seen by clients and customers. The act of designing is something that seems very alien to people that have no exposure to the process, thus, these posts aim to change that.

At the core of this redesign, I’m adopting a mission statement that can be found in Google’s new Material Design manual:

‘Design is the art of considered creation. Our goal is to satisfy the diverse spectrum of human needs. As those needs evolve, so too must our designs, practices and philosophies.’ 

Given that technology changes so rapidly the only constant is what people do with technology; They interact, absorb and share.  With those three key areas of human interaction with technology (or user experience / UX if you will.) there’s a path for digital design to follow.

I’m going to follow it and I’d like you to come with me.

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