Pebble PreviewAhhh Kickstarter, what have you done to me!

I got a little addicted to that site for a while and supported a few great projects. Then, as the internet does, it snuck up and smacked in the face by the awesome Pebble. The project flew round the tech blogs and in about the space of a week, a project looking for $100,000 was in the millions. After seeing the concept, I backed it.

When the funding round finished, it was over $10 million with over 85,000 Pebbles pre ordered. This was back in May. Since then the guys have been exemplary in the way the communicate with their backers.

After receiving feedback from the backers and with the additional funding the team were able to add features to the forth coming device, including Bluetooth 4.0 and water proofing.

So, after the most recent up date from the guys, they have given us the first impressions of how the Pebble will function on your wrist. The video bellow shows, not only the UI functioning on an iOS simulator, but lets us see one of the prototype screens.

The team is quite vocal on Twitter, you can find them here. I often tweet them and from the teases I get back, it would seem that they still have a few surprises up their sleeves. As well as prototype Pebbles I’m guessing!

Every day I have had a thought ‘oh, my Pebble will be handy for this!’. The day is still a bit away, given that there isn’t a concrete shipping date, but as the guys at Pebble have reassuringly said, they want to ship the best product possible. That’s something that reassures me that this will be something that I ware as is it were my trousers. Put it on every day, fits in to my style and I’d be somewhat undressed with out it.

As soon as I get mine, I’ll be strapping it to my arm and getting a good long review typed about this great little device.

UI preview with Martijn from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.