The first child of the Nokia – Microsoft marriage

Remember when a Nokia was thee phone to have?

I sure as hell do. I remember vividly, scrimping and saving together what I could to get an imported Nokia 8810 some 11 / 12 years ago. You know what, I got one and it was amazing. That feeling continued with my love affair with Nokia that saw many trinkets such as the 8850 (I even have a 8890 stashed away), a 9210i Communicator and an N95 fresh out of the factory. There were even feature phones in this time; 3210, 3310, 3330, 6200.

I was a Nokia fan boy. I did cheat for a time with the slutty Sony Ericssons though. Their P900 and P990i were to tempting not to. But the phone I left Nokia for was the original iPhone. Since that day, Nokia have been heading down the tubes. Until today.

The first official word from Nokia and the launch of their new flagship, the Lumia 800, have actually sparked my interest. Now, I’m not going to be taking my iPhone 4S back to the shop and switching. Switching is more about Eco Systems for me than device these days. But i will be getting in to a phone store (telling the sales assistant to leave me alone) and having a play with this lovely new handset.

The N9 never made its way over here with its MeeGo goodness, but it has brought us the bones for the Lumia 800 & the handsets that are due to come in the next 12 months. Frankly, I think the other Windows Mobile licencees should be as worried as the rest of the android market is about the Motorolla acquisition because I am sticking by my point that Microsoft will make a play for Nokia – it’s only a matter of time.

Until then, perhaps we can start recommending Nokias again!

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